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michelle ann

Welcome! You are learning new information which can effect your life in a very positive way.  If I can be of assistance with information or product suggestions, give me a call.  The quality and effectiveness of Shaklee is above and beyond organic with whole food supplements, skin care to reverse aging, safe cleaners that work and support for the body for athletes to weekend gardeners.  Dr. Shaklee was "green" in the early 1900's, long before his company existed and Earth Day was necessary; his biography is extraordinary.

My health story begins in my childhood. My body didn't work well yet I didn't realize the shortcomings until the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia sent me looking for alternative options in my late 30's. My journey into vibrant health started with a nutritionist and continues by reading books, tediously researching, attending various classes, considering contradictory opinions and enjoying lively conversations. My highlight to date was a three-month stay in Hawaii to learn about juicing, vegetarian/vegan food prep, yoga and island living.

Naturally Living Life has developed with my education, life experiences and a powerful desire to live abundantly in energy and peace; actions are critical. I continually strive to improve my actions, follow my convictions and keep moving forward to maximize my body and skills.

In a nutshell, this is how I started connecting with others and Marketing Enlightenment for bold living within a calm oasis. Biographies, even early in life, offer insight into our current perspectives. Your story has an impact on others. Share it often and be a positive influence.

I'm nearing 50, am married to a genuine man, have four independent, motivated kids, am "Birdy" to my grand-girl, Lily and have a close-knit group of girl friends for laughter and prayer needs. Now is always the best moment to take action; maximize yourself!

Are you looking for solutions to gain health, live healthier and still have fun, move your body and eat delicious foods? If so, perfection! I look forward to us talking and developing an action plan.

Do you want to check out the option to partner with a company that is beyond organic and has been in harmony with nature since 1956? If so, your tenacity is welcome; the more you discover about Shaklee, the more impressed and committed you'll become.

Cheers to Possibilities, Michelle Ann / 214.683.7296

1 Thes 5:16-19  |  Psalm 91:1-2  | Love is patient and kind